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Museum Careers
People involved in the arts are more likely to participate in a wide range of civic, social and physical activities than the population in general  

  • More than 1.3 million Americans are employed in the not-for-profit arts industry.

  • For every dollar the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) invests in communities there is a twenty-fold return in jobs, services and contracts.
  • The arts create jobs, increase local tax bases, boost tourism, spur growth in related business (e.g. hotels, restaurants, printing, etc.) and improve the overall quality of life for our cities and towns.
  • On a national level, nonprofit arts institutions and organizations generate an estimated $37 billion in economic activity and return $3.4 billion in federal income taxes to the U.S. Treasury each year.
  • The American Association of Museums is aware of only two attempts to count all the museums in the United States. The most recent effort estimates 17,500 museums with more offering a virtual museum exhibit.

  • In addition to direct museum workers, there are over eight million educators and librarians that often rely on or participate in museum offerings.







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