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Museums are becoming less relevant in society and visitor numbers are falling among students and young adults. MuseumOnDemand through virtual museum exhibits provides a platform for individual museums to connect with their target markets, promote awareness, rekindle social relevance, and encourage membership, donations, sales and




We will provide the most positive user experience making the search for virtual museum exhibits on demand as efficient as possible within a sensible format whose overwhelming characteristic is simplicity.

Current search provides a vehicle to scour immense data looking for general content but has failed Internet consumers in finding specific solutions. Search relevance is best determined by the consumer in their quest for specific information and selections. 


Links to Museum Resources

International Council of Museums

American Association of Museums

National Science Foundation

New England Museum Association

Travel Industry Association

World Monuments Fund

National Trust for Historic Preservation

Museum Trustee Association




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Museum Statistics 

  • 79% of Americans support Federal funding of museums.
  • American museums receive 865 million in-person visitors every year.
  • Nearly nine in ten adult museum visitors have attended college.
  • The median age is 35 and one in three are between the ages of 12 and 27.
  • Two of five visit museums with other adults; the same number visit with children.
  • 81% of U.S. travelers plan a museum or cultural stop during a trip.
  • The Smithsonian alone has more than 137 million artifacts.
  • Museum revenue is roughly equal to the GDP of 'gambling and amusement'.

Museum Visitor Stats:

  • 70% are women with children across ages pre-school through young adults.
  • 81% have college degrees versus 27% of the general public.
  • 82% earn more than the U.S. median income.
  • 88% of women wish brands they trust would make more offers available.

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